From award winning artists to up-and-coming musicians and vocalists, Spencer dedicates his time and talents to ensuring each person he works with is given highest quality music. Learn more about Spencer through the testimonials of his incredible clients: 

Spence, is an old fashioned dreamboat. From the many reviews we’ve heard about him, we knew we’d be well-off. He took the time to ensure we were of equal understanding in what we wanted and how we were going to execute that. He genuinely cared about the quality of every element going into the tracks and didn’t shy away from generating enhancers where he sensed they could be placed. Wouldn’t hesitate in the recommendation of Spence to any artist. The man just does great work.
— Dropin Pickup, Indie Rock Band from Tampa Bay
Spencer is a creative, professional and hard-working guy, but above all he is so easy to work with. He helped me work on a pop-rock track with live instruments. From scratch track to practice to recording, Spencer was there to brings my visions to life. It was my first time in studio; he was positive and encouraging and made me feel comfortable with expressing my music. You can absolutely count on Spencer to give you a good experience and an outstanding production.
— Kat Baumback, Singer-Songwriter
I had the pleasure of working with Spencer, the hardest working and most efficient engineer I could have asked for. He is truly intuitive and we worked like we have been working together for years. He made it easy to do what I do. He is not only highly professional but has a great personality. I never usually go on like this but they (Clear Track) deserve all the positive feedback I can throw their way. I will definitely be working with them again soon!
— Drew Berlin, Producer & Songwriter
Thank you Spencer Bradham for staying in the studio with me until all hours of the night while I recorded & re-recorded, for going back and forth with me via email and phone all summer to mix and re-mix these songs until we got them right. I am so grateful for your patience and dedication to making this project the best that it could be!
— Christie Lenée, guitarist, composter & singer songwriter
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Our experience at/with Clear Track has been extraordinary! In this age of ProTools and related home recording technology, it is easy to overlook the value of a stand-alone, ‘real’ recording studio. Nothing can replace the experience of a pro-tech like Spencer and the entire staff at Clear Track. Also, nothing can replicate the authenticity of vocal tracks being cut in a big room with great mic’ing and the best outboard gear in the world. Our 10 hour session with Spencer is the best recording investment we’ve ever made! If you want a truly professional end-product and a talented staff to help bring it to life, Clear Track is THE place!
— The When Where Why, Tampa Based Band
I have finally found another pair of ears! Spencer is one of the best Engineers / Producers I have worked with. His dedication and support during the sessions were exceptional. Spencer created a flawless Analog / Protools process which enabled me to fully capture and create the vintage analog sound I was going for. Clear Track Studios is a world class studio with all the classic vintage gear and instruments. All the gear works and is maintained to perfection. Also has all the current digital processors and plugins creating a perfect marriage between analog and digital worlds. This coupled with a friendly knowledgeable staff makes this my new “go to” studio! Clear Track Studios will meet and exceed all your recording needs and expectations! Highly recommended.
— Steve Boyer, Grammy Award Winning Producer/Engineer For Eric Clapton, Billy Joel, Peter Gabriel
Clear Track, Mike, Spencer, Colleen, Jim, everyone! Recording here has been a dream come true. Friendliest, most professional staff you could imagine. Breath-taking production quality. (I’m not crying, I just have something in both my eyes)... You all are the best, and I cannot wait to work with you again!
— Officer Down, Tampa Based Alternative Punk Band
It was a truly awesome experience working with Spencer and his magic behind the engineering board.
— John Blackwell, R&B, Jazz, Funk & Pop Drummer best known for his work with Prince
Having Spencer as both a producer and a piano player on the Tides record was awesome! He brought so much life to the songs that we wouldn’t have thought of. He had such a fresh approach to our style of music, yet he really understood what we wanted the final product to sound like. He always pushed us to do better and try for perfection, and he never once got annoyed if we wanted to take some time to do a part or find a tone. Working along side Spencer on different client projects is so awesome. He always duplicates what the client wants and gives me great direction as a guitar player to add that extra feeling to the song. He is fast and thorough and he really does care about how everything turns out.
— Spencer Gill, Guitarist & Songwriter for "Tides of Man"
Clear Track was an amazing place to record my EP. Spencer was very attentive to my ideas and listened to what I wanted my sound to be. It was something very difficult for me to articulate on my own, but I gave him some sample ideas and he was able to produce exactly what I was looking for!
— Francesca Ani, Singer-Songwriter
Spencer and Clear Track Studios encompass what it means to foster art and creativity. The vibe in Clear Track is one of open communication and friendliness. Spencer’s willingness to do his all to produce just what you want to hear is only surpassed by his technical ability to make it happen. Never a negative word, there’s never a problem only steps in the journey to realize your musical vision. We found the equipment at Clear Track to be impressive, but more so Spencer and his teams knowledge and ridiculously high level of proficiency with it. The studio it’s self is state-of-the-art, rivaling some of the largest studios around. Spencer’s knowledge of the gear and recording programs is impressive to say the least. In my 15 year career, this has been the most productive, positive and enjoyable recording experience I’ve ever had. We plan on a long fruitful familyship with Spencer and Clear Track Studios. We thank them from the bottom of our BEARDS!
— The Bearded Brothers Band, Country, Southern Rock band based out of Tampa Bay
Spencer and Colleen are great. We are working on my first studio EP, and they both have been generous, professional and have exhibited great skill in the areas of what they do. Our band’s session with Spencer was the first quality step into melting our project sound together. He is great at listening for those subtle colors that we as artists long to be expressed. And the studio is set for success with some instrumental gems. That snare drum is magical! I can’t wait for the next jam.
— Guianna, Singer-Songwriter from the band "Spy on the Land"
Working with Spencer is like working with the chillest guy ever! He makes you feel completely at ease while managing to get the best possible sound from you. Whether it’s vocals, guitar, jazz flute or whatever. He’ll coax the best possible sounds out. Spencer worked on both of our albums and he played key parts in writing, engineering and producing. He helped us come up with catchy melodies while also getting the exact sound we wanted from the guitars. Without Spencer, we could not have made the albums we have today. We loved working with Spence and can’t wait to work with him again!
— Sofia Sweet, Singer & Songwriter for "Kodiac"
Working with Spencer is very easy. He’s a really laid back guy, very down to earth. That helps take the pressure off of us. We didn’t feel rushed or like a bother, so in turn, we performed our parts with ease and were very comfortable on giving him our opinions on what to do with our music. The engineering experience was impressive. He definitely has an ear for music and that skill is invaluable. He had honest feedback and it helped us get the best out of our music.
— Andre Berrios, Guitarist for "Saved By Friday"
The breeziest recording experience of my life. [For Songwriting,] Spencer will listen and turn your idea into reality. Perfect.
— Dominique Pancner, Singer, Songwriter
Spencer is a genius. I’ve seen him grow from his early days. He’s always been talented, but one day, I just saw it click and he was a master songwriter, producer and engineer. Having his elements added to Tides of Man and really made our music better. [As a session musician], I work best with Spencer. I have done studio work outside working with Spencer and I always miss him when I do. He’s patient with the right amount of control when directing you and the client.
— Josh Gould, Drummer & Songwriter for "Tides of Man"
Spencer Bradham is an exceptional musician with extraordinary recording and production talents. I had catchy verses and choruses... Spencer Bradham knows a pre-chorus, bridges, intros, outros and arrangements. He is a musician’s artist that can put a “spit shine” on a musical concept! We found a musical connection because of his talent. He was fun to play with and enabled me to be all I could be during the production process.
— Tom Marshburn, Lead Vocalist, Guitarist and Songwriter for "Dogfish Boys"
Before meeting Spencer and visiting the studio for the first time, I was a bit intimidated by recording in a legitimate, great quality studio. I was worried I would mess up and waste everyones time or I wouldn’t know what to do when I got there and feared I wouldn’t get direction on what needed to be done. All those thoughts fell away when I met Spencer. The first impression was exactly right, which was a relaxed, easy to talk to dude with the same amount of passion I had about the music I was working on. He helped me set up and tuned my drums better than they’ve ever sounded before. It wasn’t like I went in to a studio and had a producer record my drums and that was it. It was just two buddys hanging out, which is just the vibe he gives off with everybody. I got more done than I expected because the atmosphere was so relaxed. Also, Spencer has a very similar music taste to mine so it really was an exciting experience for me.
— Jon Hill, Drummer & Songwriter for "The Jon Hill Project"
Spencer truly identified with our band and made the process painless. We loved his ideas and suggestions which were all grounded with the same kind of influences. Spencer has a desire to get things the way they need to be first which was really helpful for us. He does not just accept any sound. He meticulously helps to get all the right sounds on to tape.
— Kenny Beers, Lead Vocalist & Guitarist for "Kenny Beers Band"
I was nervous to pick which recording studio/producer to work with because I had no idea about much in this field. When I first met Spencer, I right away decided I felt comfortable breaking out of my shell and pushing myself with him as my producer. He was easy going and put off a happy vibe.
— Tonya Narzinsky, Singer-Songwriter
I was amazed at how well Spencer and I got along and how he understood what I was trying to create. He is a talented musician and composer.
— Phil Harloff, Songwriter and Lyricist
Spencer was extremely helpful and gave every bit of information necessary to finish the project. He filled every bit of my needs that needed to be filled in order to create a great sounding album. The album was called “Comfort Is The Death of Creativity.” Working with Spencer was extremely inspirational and enjoyable. He definitely helped me bring my album to the next level in a way that nobody else could have done. It was super fun songwriting with Spencer. He has a very smooth way of giving input and making changes that saves a lot of time and still creates great music.
— Adam Kuatt, Guitarist, Pianist & Songwriter for "Slowing Inertia"
He is very on the ball and fast in getting everything moving along. He is also great at creating a great vibe for us to work around.
— The Jive Aces, The UK's #1 Jive & Swing Band
Working with Spencer is great! I have always loved working with him. He pushes me to be a better musician, player and writer. There is nothing like working with him as he cares about getting the best sound, the best take and the best playing possible. I love that. When it comes to writing for a client, it is always easy working with Spencer as he brings out the best in my playing. I never have to worry about what I am writing because Spencer and I always work out the best bass parts for me to write and play.
— Alan Jaye, Bassist & Songwriter for "Tides of Man"
Spencer was able to create the vision I had in mind for the track. Spencer is a hard working guy and he was willing to stay in the studio until the song was finished, which ended up being an all night thing. He bounced ideas off of us which helped make the song the best it could be.
— Hunter Walker, Pianist & Keyboard Player for "Photo Fire"
He’s open to all my ideas and always brings plenty of ideas himself. He’s a great collaborator. Very spontaneous. He plays piano effortlessly so it makes it easy to sit down with him and just work out what I’m trying to say.
— Jeff Fettes, Singer, Songwriter
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I chose to work with Spencer after speaking to him at length on the telephone about my music project that I wished to incorporate with one of my books. After our conversation, I was convinced that Spencer was the person most definitely to work with. Spencer has the knowledge of music and personality to make the vision of your project come to pass! Spencer made sure that music project cam out just as I had wanted and even better! He is a “fabulous” (in every way) person to work with. I will definitely work with Spencer and Clear Track Studios on my next music project and I HIGHLY recommend their services.
— Irka Kmiec, Author of "Princess Ella Bella"
His knowledge of protools is outstanding and his ability to facilitate edits and changes quickly and effectively saved us a great deal of headaches, time and money. He was also very effective at using mic placements to get the natural instrument sounds and solid live drum sounds that we were looking for. Having worked with engineers in Philly and NYC in the past, it was a pleasure to work with someone who not only knew the technical side of recording but also has the ability to work with people and make them feel comfortable performing.
— David Omlor, Vocalist & Guitarist for "Benjamin Road"
Working with Spencer was not only a great decision because he was a lot of fun to work with but it was very educational for me as an artist. I was able to be exposed to many processes and technologies that I didn’t know about before. It was also important for me to find someone who understood what sound I was expecting for my project. In the past, I had not completed the “Slim Pickings” project because many producers/engineers were interested in manufacturing or creating their own sound instead of capturing my sound. Spencer completely understood my music and who I am as an artist and what I needed out of the “Slim Pickings” project.
— James Wells, Vocalist, Guitarist & Songwriter
Spencer produced our first album and he was just AMAZING! His style is extremely special! He knows how to create a wonderful atmosphere of creativity and good feelings while being completely professional and result oriented. More than just producing our albums, we can say he was able to capture our souls and translate them into sound. Looking forward to run a second project with Spencer as soon as possible!
— Marcelo & Omar, Pianist & Guitarist Songwriters
Although some tracks take time to build and grow, nothing feels wasted, as though each bar has been carefully calculated to provide the optimum level of suspense before the impending transitions occur. This helps “Young and Courageous” tell a story through its songs, weaving atmosphere and tension throughout the album. The effect is compounded by the superb production provided by Spencer Bradham at Clear Track Studios. The tones are crisp and clear, giving each instrument clear definition, as well as huge walls of atmospheric sound at the peaks of crescendos.
— Mark Johnson from, a review of Tides of Man's album "Young and Courageous"
The addition of keyboardist, Spencer Bradham, presents itself as one of the defining elements on this album. “All The Years” features great piano work coupled with dizzying guitar riffs, courtesy of Spencer Gill and Daniel Miller, and incredible drum-finesse from Josh Gould. Bradham’s presence is felt greatly on the delicate and captivating “We Were Only Dreaming,” his keys swirling around in perfect harmony with the rest of the band. Despite only being in the band for only two years, Bradham’s chemistry with the band is enviable and top-notch in fashion.
— Mike Cross from, review of Tides of Man's album "Young and Courageous"