Are you a singer without a song? Do you want to make music with your own distinct sound but have no idea where to start? You've come to the right place. Spencer works one-on-one with solo artists to create a song or album from start to finish. Whether you need assistance with production or help writing songs from melody to lyrics, Spencer can create a commercial, radio-ready masterpiece just for you.

music composing options


Many of today's pop songs heard on the radio are digital recordings made entirely by producers who write digital music. Incorporating anything from synths, percussion, bass lines, and more, Spencer can write music to your lyrics, program an entire song to your melody or create a completely digitalized commercial masterpiece based entirely on your musical vision. 


Solo artists that are interested in creating either an indie, rock, pop-rock, country, or blues sound, can utilize the genius of Spencer's Team Instrumentalists from the popular post-rock group, Tides of Man. Spencer Gill on guitar, Alan Jaye on bass, Josh Gould on drums, and of course, Spencer Bradham on keys can instantly turn your musical ideas into a rock reality.

songwriting to recording process

Songwriting Collaboration

 If you have a song or parts of a song that you are looking to create, Spencer can build it for you based off of your ideas or he can fill-in-the-gaps where you need some help. If you do not have any songs in mind but you know what genres you like and what musicians you're inspired by, Spencer can write a song or album for you (melody, lyrics, instrumentation, everything) from start to finish. 

Record scratch vocals and piano

After your songs are written, it is time to record the scratch vocals. This is a "rough" vocal track that is recorded without intentions of keeping it or using it for final production. Scratch vocals are often recorded up against Spencer's piano track or a rhythm part to help set the general vibe of the song. They will be overdubbed later once the other tracks have been filled out.


Practice, practice, practice

Now it is time to practice! If your songs are digital tracks made by Spencer, you can practice at home with the demo (which include your "scratch vocals") that he provides. If you're recording your album with session instrumentalists, you will practice your songs with them in a rehearsal space. This is the time you can make any changes you'd like  before the actual recording.

recording session

On the day of the recording session, you will record all of the necessary parts to your song or album. Starting with the musical instrumentation and arrangements ending with your vocals and final touches. Because Spencer is a musician himself, he can help instrumentalists play their best and vocalists sing at their highest caliber with his extensive knowledge of speech level singing and vocal warm-ups.



When the recording is completed, your music will be mixed by a mixing engineer. All of the individual tracks will be polished up by compressing, eq'ing, adding effects and leveling off to create the perfect blend. The end result is a stereo sound ready to be mastered. 


In the final step, your music will be mastered by an engineer where he or she will do any final compressing, eq'ing and limiting to make it as commercially loud, crisp and clean as any other music ready for radio play.