We have all been there — you see a commercial on TV and three weeks later, you’re still humming the same catchy tune that jovially encourages you to buy a soft drink, purchase new carpet for your living room, or change insurance companies. Such is the art of jingle writing. Businesses find great success in musically asking the masses to buy their product in this very way and Spencer has been right along with them to facilitate their need. Creating catchy but concise jingles that deliver the hook within 5 seconds or less and developing professional parodies utilized in the realm of social media marketing are only the tip of the musical advertising iceburg for Spencer and his team. While the industry has changed a bit, quality sound recording hasn't and you can rest assured that your musical advertisement will be professionally recorded, mixed and mastered in Clear Track Studios which delivers highest quality for television and radio play. 

The corporate songwriting process


Team up with Spencer to brainstorm and strategize the overall vision for your project. Spencer and his team will then study your company's message, research your competitors advertising music and then move on to writing several demos for you to review.


Spencer and his team will translate your message into song and generate multiple musical options for you to choose from. Spencer will digitally program the music (or hire live instrumentalists to play) and one of his session vocalists will sing a "scratch" vocal for you to hear how the song will be before final recording.



Here you will discuss the demo options and choose which is preferred for final recording. Spencer and his team are open to suggestions and can edit and tailor any songs to your ideas. Once you are satisfied with the message, sound and overall feel of the demo, we can start the final recording. 


The final recording of the digital or instrumental track will take place and a session vocalist will record his or her part. Your musical advertisement will also be fully mixed and mastered by an engineer to ensure that it is the highest quality suitable for television and radio. 

corporate music samples that spencer created