Colleen Bradham is the idealistic, quick-witted, vocal harmonic savant of the team. She is a singer/songwriter for Bradham, an indie-pop-country duet based in Clearwater Florida, designer/webmaster of this website, songwriter for corporate interests and a session vocalist for several of Spencer Bradham’s clients. Colleen’s transcendent harmonies, extensive vocabulary and lighthearted humor makes her a creative breath of fresh air for clients she works with.

A Florida native, Colleen was born into this world with an instant affinity for all things music. Performing in glee-like show choirs, renaissance madrigalian groups, collegiate a cappella, amusement parks and a cover band that played shows throughout Tampa Bay, Colleen’s experience with any and ever genre has influenced her vocal composing and writing method. Developing grabby indie-pop songs, the kind Rivers Cuomo used to write in the garage with seemingly corny but heartwarming lyrics, Colleen enjoys blending crunchy riffs and wistful melodies with the beautiful, cockeyed optimism of youth.

Colleen’s clever lyrics and musical simplicity as a corporate songwriter and session vocalist guarantees that your message will not go unheard. Her ability to think outside of the box while maintaining professionalism to represent your business allows for a unique end product that will not only catch your future customers eye, but it will absolutely stand out among other advertising. When she is not working with Spencer's corporate clients, Colleen moonlights as a session vocalist and harmonizer for lyricists, songwriters, solo artists and bands who work with Spencer and need a female voice on their tracks.  Whether it's a 5-second jingle, layered harmonies strengthening ones sound, or lyrics that paint a melodic picture, Colleen can do it all and then some. Joining together a blend of a compelling lyric writing, imaginative harmonies and 15 years of experience, Colleen puts her heart into each project and does whatever it takes to exceed the expectations of everyone involved. 

As a husband and wife team, Colleen and Spencer work together harmoniously. Whether they are writing and recording their own music or creating songs for clients, their unspoken understanding and mutual devotion for building great tracks has been the key to their success. No matter the project, this pair does whatever it takes to provide superior service and perfect products for everyone they work with.