From Tides of Man to Save the Radio, Spencer has been producing and enhancing the sound of a countless array of bands for almost a decade. Breaking boundaries and crafting hits, bands flock near and far to work with Spencer to hear their songs reach new levels of sonic glory. In fact, many have been known to make many repeat appearances and even go on to develop several albums with him. No matter the genre or the intricacy of the project, his creative collaboration and a seamless flow of arranging, engineering and producing guarantees an innovative, symphonic success every time.

recording process with bands


During pre-production, Spencer and the band review several aspects of the recording. Depending on the project, they go over everything from tone choices, the overall theme of the album, tempos for each song, and listen to the the recorded demo examples, and so on. 


Spencer is a valuable collaborator and instrumentalist for all bands that work with him. When bands come in to record, band members often find themselves requesting assistance in arranging, restructuring or “filling-in-the-blanks” to finish out a song or songs.



As a producer, Spencer does whatever it takes to develop a sound that communicates with all listeners. In a way, Spencer becomes like an extra member of the band by taking the their ideas and adding on to them with his own personal "midas touch." He analyzes each part of a song, makes sure the instrumentation is technically tight and maintains the overall vibe to ensure that their audience never loses interest in their music. 


When it comes to engineering, Spencer relies on both analog equipment and digital studio methods to help him provide an efficient session flow while getting incredible sonic tones. With superb mic placement and knowledge of which gear (out of a large array of equipment) to use for each signal path, Spencer puts together the perfect ingredients of equipment to capture the highest quality audio before mixing.  



When the recording is completed, each song will be mixed by a mixing engineer. All of the individual tracks will be polished up by compressing, eq'ing, adding effects and leveling off to create the perfect blend. The end result is a stereo sound ready to be mastered. 


In the final step, each song will be mastered by an engineer where he or she will do any final compression, eq'ing and limiting to make it as commercially loud and clean as any other music ready for radio play.